“The government took the right steps and ensured that the agricultural sector was not affected.”

“We need to maintain the volume of food being rescued. We also need to grow our number of alliances, and that will be one of our main strategies for 2021.”

“Mozambique has an enormous potential not only to serve its rapidly growing population, but the region as a whole.”

“Mozambique has a great deal of export potential, but in order to fully leverage it, there are two things the country should do.”

“We have an aquaculture advantage in the fishery business because we have long been developing the sector.”

"We aim big and intend to be the first supplier for the South American market."

“Looking at the last 10 days, our turnover is about 25% to 30% superior to that of last year at the same period despite the restrictions and obstacles we face in the supply chain.”

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