“We all have the same objective, which is to make Portugal a more pro-digital country.”

“To further this, we are creating an innovation and entrepreneurship center at the university to coordinate developing the business enterprise culture.”

“All the educational institutions, and their academic activities, must be aligned and coordinated in a suitable frame that serves vision 2030.”

“The market views the bank not just as a performance benchmark for Islamic finance but also for the entire banking sector.”

“In Mexico City, for example, between 50 and 60% of water is lost in the network.”

“The Central de Abasto is the second most important economic unit in the country and generates USD9 billion, as well as 90,000 direct and 500,000 indirect jobs.”

“With a population of approximately 123.5 million people and access to nearly 11.7 million patients for medical cannabis, we see an attractive opportunity to transfer the wealth of knowledge we have created into this new market.”

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