“In terms of technology, and its intervention in education, these are early days.”

“I hope that more companies will start to develop initiatives to heal the environment.”

"Through delivering excellence and innovation, as well as high quality products and services, Al Faisal Holding’s diversified business model across eight clusters will continue to contribute to Qatar’s diversification efforts as the private sector plays a significant role in diversifying the country’s revenue streams and acts as a strong partner to achieve the Government’s objectives."

"The sudden halt of face-to-face activities due to COVID-19 was not a huge disrupter for SEU."

“People think Covid-19 has only been negative but the positive side is also there in cost savings on travel, and we have also become much more efficient.”

“Due to the large number of talented young employees in the company we are lucky to have a constant supply of creative new ideas.”

“From a global perspective, the insurance sector has been among the few industries that have suffered the least impact of the pandemic and that are expected to make a quick recovery.”

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