“There are many things SolGold finds appealing about Ecuador, one of which is the willingness of the government.”

“According to our forecasts, 2020 will see a change in that contraction trend. We have many projects in our pipeline. Looking at 2020, we feel bullish about our expectations as we have seen many projects restart, and construction companies invest again.”

“We hope the country keeps growing, and we have open arms for investors who have adequate technology to improve the quality of life.”

“We have developed three projects, including the Curipamba project.”

“I personally worked on one of the projects that marked this change: the Mirador mine.”

“We launched a national plan for the mining sector that establishes a forecast for 2030 and is aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.”

“The Mirador mine is expected to have an up to 30-year lifetime, which could result in larger resources being mined.”

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