“There are many things SolGold finds appealing about Ecuador, one of which is the willingness of the government.”

"Telefónica has bet on Ecuador, and as a result, we continue to make investments of about USD150 million annually in network growth."

“According to our forecasts, 2020 will see a change in that contraction trend. We have many projects in our pipeline. Looking at 2020, we feel bullish about our expectations as we have seen many projects restart, and construction companies invest again.”

“With an annual average of 1.8 million visitors, tourism attracts USD1.9 billion and generates 300,000 jobs.”

“We have developed our research programs based directly on the national development objective and to cover the knowledge gap in important areas.”

“If we compare ourselves to countries like Chile that have social similarities, we observe they enjoy greater financial inclusion.”

“We are focused on providing services for the mining industry.”

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