As the world moves toward sustainable packaging, and Ecuador's shrimp and banana exports continue to climb, Papelesa Group is integrating Sustainable Development Goals, AI, and cutting-edge technology to stay ahead of the competition.

With a focus on quality rather than quantity, UDH is carrying the torch to improve Ecuador's higher education system.

“The city has become an international benchmark because of its strict regulations for public administration.”

“We want people to have a great experience from a customer service point of view, and we try to reduce the possibility of moral hazard along every part of the chain.”

“From now on, we will be the official image of Ecuador at tourist fairs.”

“In our agricultural division, we have a strong supply line for the production of maize, potatoes, vegetables, and flowers in the Highlands.”

“In 2012, we managed to open up our agreements with the social security institute to put a limitation on our exposure under that payment structure.”

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