"Currently, we cover 83% of the population in terms of 4G and 98% of the population for 3G."

"We work with commercial narrow-body aircraft such as Embraer, Boeing 737 series, and the Airbus Family."

"At this moment we have implemented a program of Mandarin in ten schools. We have also discovered that there are a lot of companies searching for young people who speak Portuguese, and thus have already begun to teach this language in six public schools."

"Today there are about five jobs in the IT market for every person who is currently studying IT."

“In 2005, we acquired Tesoro del Mar, which at that time was the second-largest tuna producing company.”

"Costa Rica captured close to 45% of the investments that were made in the entire region related to shared services centers."

"We are 100% compliant with all the regulations in all the countries we export."

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