"Our focus has to be on improving processes to achieve the best response and quality for our sellers and customers."

“I have a clear objective, to get the company recognized in 2019 as a specialized company for personal insurance.”

“In total, the insurance market has grown by 5%, but MetLife has grown by 10%.”

“ITAÚ aims to be the most important Latin American bank, supporting regional companies and investors looking to expand.”

"We hope to go beyond the 49% sourced from local banks and bring that figure down even lower to 42% or 44%."

"In fact, all three major rating agencies Fitch, Moody’s, and S&P have reaffirmed Colombia's rating two notches above investment grade (BBB)."

“The Colombian population is around 48 million; however, only a little more than 8 million regularly contribute to any form of pension fund.”

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