“Frontier Spectrum is a global company, developing the most efficient way to deliver pharmaceutical cannabis to patients worldwide.”

“We are truly an excellent one-stop alternative for those keen to access the global cannabis marketplace.”

“The most important advantage that we offer is the comprehensiveness of our services.”

“We collaborate with institutions, universities, and companies in Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Spain, the US, India, China, and Russia, among others.”

“We want to be recognized through our new country brand manifesto, ‘Colombia: The most welcoming place on Earth.’”

“We are also completing the road that connects Putumayo to the border with Ecuador and a road that connects Bogotá with Cúcuta, on the border with Venezuela.”

“The switch to remote learning and then to hybrid was made possible thanks to 10 years of digital transformation research and investment at the Cooperative University of Colombia.”

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