“We are also completing the road that connects Putumayo to the border with Ecuador and a road that connects Bogotá with Cúcuta, on the border with Venezuela.”

“The switch to remote learning and then to hybrid was made possible thanks to 10 years of digital transformation research and investment at the Cooperative University of Colombia.”

“Data analytics is a methodology that Coface uses to deepen and enrich the information we offer to clients.”

“Sustainability enables us to flourish in a volatile and competitive environment.”

“We seek to improve people's living conditions through proving property titles and through promoting housing improvements and social facilities.”

“We are deploying advanced metering infrastructure in Colombia, which will replace the traditional electricity meters in households and businesses.”

“In 2020, the automotive sector fell by 28%, and the development and performance of the Colombian market was not good due to the lockdowns at the beginning of the pandemic.”

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