“Extreme poverty was reduced by over 50% to 7.4% over 15 years.”

"Colombia's GDP for 2017 will likely be around 1.7%, while that of Medellín has grown about 7.1%."

“We are now taking a step forward to penetrate the beer industry, which is a great opportunity for us.”

"From our beginnings, we have supported more than 290 FDI projects in our city, and more than 32,000 jobs have been generated thanks by these new companies."

"We hope to go beyond the 49% sourced from local banks and bring that figure down even lower to 42% or 44%."

"In fact, all three major rating agencies Fitch, Moody’s, and S&P have reaffirmed Colombia's rating two notches above investment grade (BBB)."

"We were forecasting an industry slightly better than 2016 (260,000 vs 253,000 in 2016) supported in the fact of a better and more stable macroeconomic background."

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