“We see change coming as initiatives such as the Dangote refinery for upstream petrochemicals will help seeding further downstream value chains including chemicals.”

“2020 has been the most uncertain year since the Civil War. In 2021, we have two priorities. The first is to achieve a sense of health security and recover in terms of consumption.”

“In Valladolid, we manufacture our light vehicles, while the heavy vehicles are produced in Madrid."

“We have a unit in Madrid that works on alternative production routes, and we have a research center in Portugal.”

“To us, the FIFA World Cup is more than just a football tournament – it is a celebration of our common humanity.”

“From a volume perspective, today, face-to-face was a big chunk of our business and a main driver because of travel and high-ticket items.”

"Demand for air cargo services has risen during the global pandemic, with air freight providing the most reliable and efficient means of transporting medical and healthcare supplies.”

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