TBY talks to Pablo Campana Sáenz, Minister of Foreign Trade & Investment of Ecuador, on new legislation, merging ministries, and ambitions for his mandate.

“Ecuador’s sales of shrimp have grown a lot and 50% of Ecuador’s production goes to the Asian market, with the majority going to the Chinese market.”

“This will allow Nigerians to understand the true difference between what we build and what exists in the market currently.”

“In the US and the UK, artists go gold if they sell 500,000 copies and platinum if they sell 1 million. Here, there is no way to know how much one is selling.”

“In Lebanon, the casino is a place where many gather to eat and enjoy a broad selection of entertainment.”

“Our objective is to maintain a solid capital position in all these core markets, along with a quality balance sheet, while growing our customer base.”

“TAV itself handles 150 million passengers.”

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