“People may wonder what a real estate solutions company is doing in healthcare, but it is the same as asking what it is doing in education. People across every single sector require physical space to operate from, be it telecoms, oil and gas, education, or any other area.”

“We are deploying advanced metering infrastructure in Colombia, which will replace the traditional electricity meters in households and businesses.”

“Right now, it is extremely important to have a solid technological infrastructure and the right design in order to be scalable, flexible, and adaptable to one’s needs, be it the government, business, enterprise, or others.”

“We have been taking strategic decisions to diversify our energy sources and increase the share of renewable and nuclear power because this is key to balancing economic, security and environmental needs.”

“Poland is one of our main markets; it has not been a strong market, but it took advantage of all the European funds it had to continue developing projects.”

“Technology is the ultimate driver in enabling continuity, growth and innovation, and this is true whether we consider education, healthcare, logistics or even startup environments.”

“Since the COVID-19 outbreak and to date, Alkhorayef Water and Power Technologies continues to provide reliable and vital water and sanitation services across the Kingdom.”

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