Charles R. Banda Charles R. Banda Zambia 2017 Minister of Tourism and Arts, Zambia

“In the 1970s, Zambia was almost on a par with Nigeria with regard to the arts.”

Roberto Roy Roberto Roy Panama 2017 Minister of Canal Affairs and Metro, Panama

“We have been increasing ridership for the whole metro and are now at double the expected number of passengers.”

Dr. Hassan Rashid Al-Derham Dr. Hassan Rashid Al-Derham Qatar 2017 President, Qatar University

“At the undergraduate level, business law, international affairs, and mass communication are most demanded by students.”

Nizar Kammourie Nizar Kammourie Saudi Arabia 2017 General Manager, SAWACO

“We are looking seriously at markets like Tunisia, India, and Egypt, in addition to KSA.”

Dr. Husam Ben Abdulwahab Zaman Dr. Husam Ben Abdulwahab Zaman Saudi Arabia 2017 President, Taif University

“The number of students has expanded throughout the years, from around 1,200 to 70,000 today.”

Dr. Aisha Bint Butti Bin Bishr Dr. Aisha Bint Butti Bin Bishr Dubai 2017 Director General, Smart Dubai Office

“The Smart Dubai Office is working toward making the people of Dubai the happiest on Earth.”

Ángel Estévez Ángel Estévez Dominican Republic 2017 Minister of Agriculture, Dominican Republic

“We want to go from the current agricultural system to a precision one for many reasons.”

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