Dec 2020

Transformative Technologies & Digitalization

Cloud computing, AI, machine learning, and automated business systems are all separate but interrelated technologies that are set to transform the way Emiratis and foreign residents of the UAE do business for decades to come. And while the UAE was already a pioneer in digitalization trends and quick to adopt the latest transformative technologies, COVID-19 has accelerated the way businesses and individuals work and interact with technology at a more basic level. And as the UAE's data storage and management capacities grow exponentially, the ability of companies and public entities to use vast quantities of data toward their profit or service goals must also increase. This is where AI, machine learning, and data analytics come in. In these spaces, the UAE has proven to be not only a regional, but a world leader. As of the start of 2020, it remained the only country in the world to have a fully functional Ministry of Artificial Intelligence. The new decade will also see the opening of the world's first university of AI, to be based in Abu Dhabi. But with new technologies come new challenges, with issues of cybersecurity also ever present in the thoughts of the government and private sector alike. With all of this in mind, this digital event explored the impact of COVID-19 on digitalization trends across the UAE, and the potential for growth in the wider transformative technologies sector. Follow The Business Year Website Twitter Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Podcast