Mar 2021

Spain’s Solar Industry Frontier: Technology, Investment & Regulation

Among the silver linings to emerge from the pandemic is the potential for a green recovery, and with that in mind the solar energy sector glimmers bright with promise. Over 2020, renewable energy penetrated energy matrixes around the world faster than any other fuel in history. At the investment level, clean power stocks rose by 45% in 2020. And the EU has become not only more serious about a green new deal, but also much firmer about its emissions targets. And with that, the EU is positioning itself as a leader in the global renewables sector. As a driving force in the solar power game, Spain is set to play a pivotal role in the coming years, having established itself early in the market. This digital roundtable, presented by The Business Year and co-hosted by STI Norland, focused on the investments, manufacturing innovations, and regulatory reform that is enabling rapid progress in Spain's solar sector. With representatives from leading solar energy companies STI Norland and PI Berlin, and public-sector experts from Spain's APPA, this event explored the current state of play in the market as well as future opportunities. Follow The Business Year Website Twitter Facebook Instagram LinkedIn