Sep 2020

Mozambique: The Future of Gas

A decade ago, Mozambique made its first discoveries in the offshore areas off Cabo Delgado's coastline. With an estimated combined output of over 30 million tons per annum, Mozambique's Rovuma Basin holds the potential to transform the country into a global gas producer in just a matter of years. The combined investment between Area 1 and Area 4 has surpassed USD50 billion. Needless to say, the potential impact on Mozambique's USD15-billion-economy is massive, holding the keys to unlock economic recovery and boost GDP, job creation, infrastructure development, and much more. The future of Mozambique seems to be inextricably linked to the future of gas. Ten years on and gas project developments have been marked by negotiations and delays, including COVID-19-related interruptions, leaving many to wonder when the future of gas will eventually materialize. One oil major that has not taken a backseat, however, is Total, which is leading the consortium for the Mozambique LNG onshore project in Area 1. The Final Investment Decision (FID) for Area 1 was taken in June 2019, and the Total-led project is moving forward at pace. Construction work is expected to be completed by 2024. In this very special digital roundtable, The Business Year is bringing together the main actors from the public and private sector to discuss the future of gas, answering key questions about the impact of LNG production from Area 1 on Mozambique's economy, local content and human capital, and ultimately how to avoid the resource curse. Follow The Business Year Website Twitter Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Podcast