Nov 2020

Abu Dhabi Resiliency in Energy

For all of the untold wealth that hydrocarbons have offered the UAE for much of the last century, the country has come to realize it now sits at a crossroads that will define the next century. With ADNOC now shifting its focus to gas, renewables, and clean energy, a new era is upon us as global oil and gas players seek to reduce their carbon footprints. To prepare for this task, Abu Dhabi has implemented an unprecedented slew of reforms, programs, and policy initiatives to diversify the economy and ensure the best technologies are deployed in resource extraction. The UAE's Energy Strategy 2050, and the Abu Dhabi Department of Energy's own corresponding plans, mandate that clean, renewable energy and natural gas will play a major role in the domestic economy, making up 82% of the local power supply. All of this is unfolding at a time of highly volatile oil prices, and against the backdrop of a global health pandemic that has disrupted supply chains and altered demand. With all this in mind, this digital event delved into the long-term outlook for the sector, the role of ADNOC and foreign service providers, the technology they utilize, and much more. Follow The Business Year Website Twitter Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Podcast