Dec 2020

Abu Dhabi Resilience & Growth: Investment & Strategy

Over recent months, Abu Dhabi's resiliency has been tested vigorously, with the dual shock of a global health emergency and a low oil price environment the ultimate acid test for years of diversification efforts. And Abu Dhabi found itself well prepared for both, with an ever-diversifying local economy and robust sovereign wealth program allowing it to effectively soften the blow of local and global lockdown measures and low oil prices. The strength of the local private sector, also, allowed companies to adapt quickly to remote working requirements. And now, as the world begins to inch out of lockdown and into a new normal, it will take renewed collaboration between the public and private spheres if the Emirate is to architect an even stronger future. This digital roundtable gathered top-level representatives from the public and private sectors to discuss the local investment environment post COVID-19, as well as the strategies required to foster a truly diversified, shock-resistant economy going forward. Follow The Business Year Website Twitter Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Podcast