Mar 2022

1-on-1 with Samia Bouazza, CEO & Managing Director of Multiply Group

Few could have anticipated the seismic impact the pandemic would have had on the nature of work. Within a matter of weeks, across the globe the ways in which we thought about labour changed. In Abu Dhabi, this experience, and the exemplar navigation of the pandemic has put the emirate in an enviable position wherein, in the context of work, it is in the new normal.As a case in point, the Multiply Group's star has soared high in the past year. The Abu Dhabi-based tech-focused holding company has a global presence across five industries; media and communications, utilities, ventures, wellness and beauty, and digital economy. Undaunted by the pandemic, Multiply Group was acquired by IHC, the biggest company on the ADX by market value, in 2020. Since then, it has been on an acquisitions spree, closing six investment transactions in 2021 alone. The company's portfolio of investments includes stakes in companies including Emirates Driving Company, Omorfia Group, Viola Communications, Firefly and Yieldmo. The high-flying trajectory culminated last year when the company listed on the Abu Dhabi stock exchange and raising close to $845 million.