Video Interviews

Sheikh Jabor Bin Hamad Al-Thani - Director General of Qatar Aeronautical Academy

TBY talks to Sheikh Jabor Bin Hamad Al-Thani, Director General of Qatar Aeronautical Academy

Ahmet Hamdi Atalay - CEO, Havelsan

Ahmet Hamdi Atalay, CEO of Havelsan, on how the COVID-19 pandemic is pushing companies to adopt technology, and how Havelsan's 5G operations have been enhanced by its partial acquisition of Ulak Communications.

Luis Eduardo Ocando B. - Country Managing Partner at EY Panama

TBY talks to Luis Eduardo Ocando B., Country Managing Partner at EY Panama

Ernesto Lara - Chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce Panama.

TBY talks to Ernesto Lara, Chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce Panama.

Nuria Vilanova - President of CEAPI (Spain)

TBY talks to Nuria Vilanova, President of Consejo Empresarial Alianza por Iberoamérica (CEAPI)

Dr. Ahmed Al-Said - Oman Minister of Health

Oman Minister of Health Dr. Ahmed Al-Saidi discusses the COVID-19 pandemic and the future prospects of the local healthcare industry.

​Amr M. Khashoggi - Chairman, Amkest Group

Amr M. Khashoggi, Chairman at Amkest Group, Saudi Arabia, discusses the importance of investing in technology and renewables and his plans for the group's future.

Xavier Valverde Carcache - Partner at Praetorium

TBY talks to Xavier Valverde Carcache, Partner at Praetorium.

Iván Ontaneda Berrú - Min. of Prod., Trade, Investment & Fisheries

TBY talks to Iván Ontaneda Berrú, Minister of Production, Trade, Investment, and Fisheries.

Farooq Ahmed Shaikh - CEO of Logipoint

TBY talks to Farooq Ahmed Shaikh, CEO of Logipoint, on the directions the Saudi logistics sector is taking during and post COVID-19.

Jens Floe - CEO of Red Sea Gateway Terminal

TBY talks to Jens Floe, CEO of Red Sea Gateway Terminal, on the importance of ensuring continuous delivery of customer cargo, medicines, and food stuffs. He also spoke on the company's strategic plan for the growth of Jeddah as a transshipment and regional hub for the Red Sea.

Adan Sierra, MD, & Brett Carmel, Snr. MD at Seale & Associates

TBY talks to Adan Sierra, MD, and Brett Carmel, Snr. MD at Seale & Associates.

Rui Barros - CEO of Absa Bank Mozambique

TBY talks to Rui Barros, CEO of Absa Bank Mozambique, on the role of the banking sector in tackling COVID-19.

Pr. Mostapha Bousmina, Ph.D., ing. - President of Euromed University of Fes.

TBY talks to Pr. Mostapha Bousmina, Ph.D., ing., President of Euromed University of Fes.

Augusto Cauti - Peru Vice Minister of Mining

Augusto Cauti, Peru Vice Minister of Mining, talks to TBY about the measures the sector has taken to overcome recent challenges.

Mohammad Alshaikh - CEO of DP World KSA

The Business Year recently met Mohammad Alshaikh, CEO of DP World KSA, who discussed how the company is envisioning the future of storage at Jeddah Islamic Port and how to drive investments at the facilities.

Anas El Arras - Founder of GrowIN Portugal

TBY recently talked to Anas El Arras, Founder of GrowIN Portugal, on the importance of fostering a start-up culture in the Middle East, as well as connecting the start-up ecosystems in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Portugal.

Mehdi Tazi - General Vice President of CGEM

TBY talks to Mehdi Tazi, General Vice President of CGEM

Emma Wade-Smith - Her Majesty's Trade Commissioner for Africa

TBY talks to Emma Wade-Smith, Her Majesty's Trade Commissioner (HMTC) for Africa, on the UK's evolving trade relationship with Africa.

Fahd Cynndy - CEO of SGS, Saudi Arabia

Fahd Cynndy, CEO of SGS, Saudi Arabia, talks about the importance of investing in the latest technology, supporting Vision 2030, and the post-COVID-19 world.

Beatriz Ferreira - Founder & General Director of Instituto do Coração (ICOR)

TBY talks to Beatriz Ferreira, Founder & General Director of Instituto do Coração (ICOR) and one of Mozambique's most prestigious doctors, currently leading the clinic in the battle against COVID-19.

Carlos Pavón Campos - Director General of FRENTE

The Business Year speaks to Carlos Pavón Campos, Director General of the Sindicato Nacional Minero Metalúrgico (FRENTE), as the Mexican mining sector reopens.

José Reino da Costa - Vice-Chairman & CEO of Millennium BIM

José Reino da Costa, Vice-Chairman & CEO of Mozambique's Millennium BIM, on the impact of COVID-19 on the local economy and measures adopted by the company to overcome the challenges.

​Orhan Öğücü - Chairman of Lila Group, Turkey

Orhan Öğücü, Chairman of Lila Group, on strategies to serve increased demand for FMCG products and Lila Group's production capacity increases, thanks to timely investment decisions.

Dr. S. Armağan Vurdu - General Secretary of the IMMIB

Dr. S. Armağan Vurdu, General Secretary of the Istanbul Mineral and Metals Exporters' Association, on the challenges and opportunities presented to Turkish exporters by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mert Terzioglu - Partner & Board Member at Simon-Kucher & Partners

Mert Terzioglu, Partner and Board Member at Simon-Kucher & Partners, on using data and implementing sound management practices during a crisis.

Gabriel Amaro - Executive Director, AGAP

Peru is one of the top world's suppliers of agricultural products such as avocados, grapes, coffee, berries, asparagus and a whole array of new crops. We discussed with Gabriel Amaro, Executive Director of Agap, how the country is guaranteeing safe food exports.

Yomi Kastro - Founder & CEO of Inveon, Turkey

Yomi Kastro, Founder & CEO of Turkey's Inveon, on the sharp uptick in e-commerce during the COVID-19 pandemic and how companies can use this period to build and scale their e-commerce platforms for the future.

Umut Gürbüz - Managing Partner of Asunim Turkey

Umut Gürbüz, Managing Partner of Asunim Turkey, on coping with the COVID-19 pandemic as a global company and the promise of solar energy in Turkey.

Pankaj Khimji - Director of Khimji Ramdas

TBY talks to Pankaj Khimji, Director of Oman's Khimji Ramdas, on the once-in-a-century opportunity for players in retail and real estate to reinvent themselves as a result of COVID-19.

Moath Alruthaia - Lawyer at Mazin Kurdi Law Office

Moath Alruthaia of Mazin Kurdi Law Office tells The Business Year how the digital transformation has aligned with Vision 2030 to help the law firm operate with the same efficiency this difficult period of time.

Jesus Sancho Carrascosa - MD at Acciona Middle East

Jesus Sancho Carrascosa, Managing Director at Acciona Middle East, discusses the level of awareness among the Saudi population regarding water usage.

Carla Garcia - Latam Business Dev. Dir. at Zoho

TBY talks to Carla Garcia, Latam Business Development Director at software vendor Zoho. Zoho is seeing many companies investing for the first time in digital transformation as businesses in Latam seek new ways to communicate with their teams.

Chef Alejandro Ruiz - Founder, Casa Oaxaca

Alejandro Ruiz is world-famous chef and one of the first to promote Oaxacan cuisine internationally. His restaurant, Casa Oaxaca, has received the Five Star Diamond Award as one of the 50 best restaurants in Mexico several years in a row. He continues to promote the consumption of local food.

Rabih Akiki - Deputy CEO & Group CFO of Ayan Holding

TBY talks to Rabih Akiki, Deputy CEO & Group CFO of Ayan Holding, Saudi Arabia.

Mohamad Ramadan - CEO of Virgin Megastore

TBY talks to Mohamad Ramadan, CEO of Virgin Megastore, Saudi Arabia.

TBY talks to Felix Wass, President & CEO of DETASAD

Felix Wass, President & CEO of Saudi ICT services provider DETASAD, encourages business leaders to be courageous and optimistic in the midst of the current pandemic: "We have the will and the technology—humanity we will pass this crisis."

Danilo Correia - CEO of Puma Energy Mozambique

TBY talks to Danilo Correia, CEO of Puma Energy Mozambique, on the impact of COVID-19 on the local economy.

Ayman Sejiny, CEO, Islamic Corp. for the Development of the Private Sector

TBY talks to Ayman Sejiny, CEO of the Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD), Saudi Arabia.

Fatima-Zohra Alaoui - Director-General of AMITH Morocco

TBY talks to Fatima-Zohra Alaoui, Director-General of the Association Marocaine des Industries du Textile et de l'Habillement (AMITH Morocco), on the work it is doing to test fabric for use in face masks and supplying the entire Moroccan population and beyond.

Mario Correa - Chief Economist, Scotiabank in Mexico

Mario Correa, Chief Economist of Scotiabank in Mexico, discusses the challenges facing SMEs in Mexico as a result of COVID-19.

​Yousuf Al Harthy - CEO, Oman Technology Fund

Yousuf Al Harthy, CEO of the Oman Technology Fund, discusses his belief that the COVID-19 pandemic will change the government approach to outsourcing tech solutions and medical security.

Enrique Covarrubias - Chief Economist, Actinver

Enrique Covarrubias, Chief Economist at Mexican investment specialist Actinver, tells TBY how the pandemic has forced a revision to its growth predictions for Mexico in 2020, from 1% to -6.2%, which would be the worst growth rate since 1995.

Serif Kaynar - Chairman, Korn Ferry Turkey

In the short term, there are a number of key management and organizational steps companies must make to respond to the ongoing crisis. Chief among them is preparing for the financial blowback of the pandemic. With this in mind, TBY met Serif Kaynar, Chairman of management consulting firm Korn Ferry Turkey.

David Archer - CEO, Savannah Resources

The Business Year met David Archer, CEO at Mozambique's Savannah Resources, to discuss the firm's commitment to local communities and the size of potential heavy mineral sands deposits in the country.

José Alberto Peña Gonzalez - Director General at Marzam

José Alberto Peña Gonzalez, Director General at Marzam, one of Mexico's biggest health product distributors, shared the strategies it used to prepare its fleet and inventory for the surge in demand caused by COVID-19, as well as the ethical measures it is using to ensure high-quality products are shipped to consumers.

How is COVID-19 impacting businesses in Mozambique?

The Business Year's Regional Director talks to our team on the ground in Mozambique to learn more about how the country is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact on the business community.

Craig Dunleavy - Qatar Country Manager at DeVere Group

Craig Dunleavy, Qatar Country Manager at DeVere Group, a leading financial services player, shares his views on the benefits of operating in Qatar for international companies, as well as the impact of COVID-19.

Ricardo Parreira - CEO of Mozambique's PHC Software

We met Ricardo Parreira, CEO of Mozambique's PHC Software, a successful software firm, on the growing appetite for IT opportunities in the local market, e-government, and the challenges posed by COVID-19.

Abdul Salam Knio - Managing Partner at ICT W.L.L.

TBY talks to Abdul Salam Knio, Managing Partner at ICT Information and Communication Technology W.L.L., a leading technology systems integrator in Qatar, on the role COVID-19 is playing in the acceleration of the digital economy.