An introduction to TBY

The Business Year is a global media group that has been providing investors, businesses, and governments with first-hand insights into the world's most dynamic markets for over a decade. We conduct hundreds of interviews a week with top decision makers in the Middle East, Latin America, Central and Southeast Asia, Africa, and Europe. Our content is available in printed reports and across an array of digital platforms.

All roads lead to FIZA

FIZA has built its rock-solid corporate reputation over the past 35 years by providing customers with the most comprehensive solutions and state-of-the-art technology for infrastructure, mining, dredging, recycling, and agrobusiness.

Offshore gas in Lebanon

Lebanon, not usually associated with oil and gas, has made significant discoveries of offshore gas. If all goes well, the country could not only satisfy its own domestic energy needs, but become an exporter, transforming its economy forever.

Taxation in Nigeria in 2019

In 1956, Nigeria discovered huge amounts of oil and gas reserves, which then became the country's largest source of income. But government revenues were not diversified, and up until 2015 Nigeria's tax-to-GDP ratio remained among the lowest in the world, at around 6%.

Kuwait’s Airport Expansion

Kuwait International Airport is expanding, preparing for the ever-greater number of visitors it receives and connects each day. Air traffic through Kuwait International Airport has increased by 10% annually over the last 10 years.

Eco-Tourism in Panama

Panama boasts more than 100 protected areas, 14 national parks, and nearly as many forest reserves; in total more than 30,000sqkm of nationally protected territory.

Catalonia—life sciences done right

While Catalonia is best known for its stunning coastline, the iconic landmarks of Barcelona, and death-defying human towers, behind the brand is a diverse, high-tech economy. And none is more vibrant than the life sciences.

Renewable energy in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan's renewable potential offers hope despite the lasting scars of pollution, with millions being invested to ensure a clean energy future.

Morocco's transport revolution

Morocco has big plans to invest in ports, airports, and railways. Let's take a look at what is in store.

What are Italy's top-five exports?

Italy's top-five exports explored.

Latam leads medical cannabis growth

The global medical cannabis industry was worth USD12.9 billion in 2017 and is predicted to reach USD55.8 billion in 2025. But it is Latin America that is leading growth. Why?

Zakher Marine International

Founded in 1984 in the UAE, Zakher Marine International has now grown to be one of the leaders in turnkey offshore marine solutions in the region.

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Colombia - Natural Gas

Known natural gas reserves in Colombia increased by nearly 8% between 2007-2016. However, with El Niño putting pressure on the country's hydropower generation, its most important energy source, a growing demand for natural gas is fast outstripping supply.

Dubai Plan 2021

Dubai Plan 2021 is a comprehensive strategy to transform the city into one of the world's most attractive places to live by 2021, just in time to commemorate the UAE's semicentennial. To do so, the city embarked on a six-pronged strategy in 2015 to improve key indicators regarding the Emirate's people, society, experience, place, economy, and government. But as with any great city, people come first.

Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA) in Abu Dhabi

Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA) is the largest industrial company in the UAE outside of the oil and gas sector. Enjoying the distinction of being the world's largest premium aluminium producer in 2017, its net income is approaching USD1 billion. What is the story behind EGA's success, and could it be applied elsewhere?

Abu Dhabi’s Institute of Applied Technology (IAT)

Abu Dhabi's Institute of Applied Technology (IAT) was founded in 2005 by royal decree of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Since then, it has been leading the Emirates in educating the next generation of scientists, engineers, and technicians.

Industry 4.0 in Mexico

Due to its productive labor force, location next to key consumer markets, and strong participation in free trade agreements, Mexico has long been a world-class manufacturing and exporting hub. But in order to stay competitive, Mexico's policy on the Fourth Industrial Revolution will be critical. In this video, TBY takes a look at how it is doing so far.

Jamaica - Prospects for Economic Growth

Jamaican PM Andrew Holness told TBY that there has been no better time to invest in Jamaica thanks to stability in the macroeconomic environment, fiscal consolidation, and sound legislation. This animated infographic looks at some of Jamaica's best indicators and examines the engines of growth.

How UBT is Changing Education in Saudi Arabia

The University of Business & Technology (UBT) is at the forefront of Saudi Arabia's plans for the private sector to play a greater role in the education sector. UBT is a prime investor and innovator in private higher education and a perfect example of how the Kingdom's Vision 2030 is being implemented by private firms.

Kazakhstan - Silk Road

Kazakhstan will play a crucial role in China's One Belt One Road (OBOR) Initiative. The development strategy will connect trade centers across the globe, and its effects will be felt in Central Asia more than anywhere else.

Indonesia - Geothermal Energy

Official policy plans for 23% of Indonesia's energy supply to come from renewables by 2025. With 7.2GW of this expected to come from geothermal sources, we explore the country's rich geology and the new technologies making this process viable.

A Look at Nigeria's Economy in 2017

TBY Analytics investigates construction and other economic sectors in Nigeria to determine the success of government diversification policies.

Costa Rica - Green Energy

Generating 97% of its electricity from renewable sources, Costa Rica is aiming to become the first carbon-neutral country in the world by 2021.

New Metro Infrastructure in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia's capital is on the brink of an urban transformation, with a modern metro being built above and below the city's streets.

Oman's expanding tourism capacity

A holiday in Oman? As this becomes a serious consideration for more and more people looking for the ideal getaway, the sector is expanding capacity to make room for the influx.

Nibras Aerospace Park - At the heart of the UAE's aerospace industry

Nibras Aerospace Park is the diamond in the desert for Abu Dhabi's booming aersospace industry, attracting names big and small through its gates. TBY's latest animation dives into the details of the park.

Trade and business between UAE and India continue to grow

The Emirates enjoy historical ties with India, and today Ras Al Khaimah, the UAE's most industrial Emirate, is the focus of trade and business links between the two countries.

TBY Analytics - Tanzania 2017

TBY Analytics reviews the hundreds of interviews conducted with business leaders for The Business Year: Tanzania 2017, examining trends and sentiment across the economy.

A History of the Tanzanian Railway System

Trains have played an important role in Tanzania's economic development for over a century, and are set to continue doing so with the construction of the DIKKM Railway.

TBY Analytics - Peru 2017

TBY Analytics reviews over 240 interviews conducted with business leaders for The Business Year: Peru 2017, examining trends and sentiment across the economy.