TBY talks to Najla Al-MidfA, General Manager, Sheraa, on the sector.

Najla Al-MidfA

What motivated you to solve the unemployment problem?

This region has the highest youth unemployment in the world. The irony is that employers say they cannot find high-level talent or skilled workers. Because Sharjah has such a large pool of talent, we wanted to bridge the gap between the universities and companies. We also have an entrepreneurial program for students as we want to create a generation of job creators rather than job seekers. We count on the private sector to mentor and share its experience with young entrepreneurs so students can better understand where they can build their businesses and the gaps that need to be filled.

What innovative products have come from Sheraa's facilities?

One idea that came out in our first batch is called Tayar. It is a device that allows users to control and monitor energy consumption. It is an app but it is also an installed device that can turn lights on and off and show users where energy is being consumed. This has been used in one of the Sharjah police stations and we are talking to Shurooq to try it out in Al Majaz. The same young entrepreneur has come up with a platform for energy trading using blockchain.