UAE, Sharjah 2017 | CULTURE & MEDIA | COLUMN

TBY talks to Giuseppe Moscatello, Creative Director, Maraya Art Center on the sector.

Giuseppe Moscatello

What milestones have you accomplished since opening Maraya Art Center in 2006?

Maraya Art Center has always been keen to discover and promote emerging artists from the region and the UAE and to engage the local community through exhibitions and public programs, activities, and all initiatives that can involve the local community. We started this program of community engagement through workshops, activities, public talks, and all sorts of educational involvement from the community. From 2006 to date we have witnessed a significant growth of the art community. We see artists that we presented in 2010 now taking part in international exhibitions.

How has Islamopolitan contributed to the dialog about the modernity and multicultural aspect of Islam?

Islamopolitan was created in 2014 when Sharjah was nominated Islamic Culture Capital. Cultural diplomacy is one of the core businesses that we do here that can only be done by creating dialog and cultural understanding with other cultures. Since the inception of Islamopolitan we knew we wanted the exhibition to travel to create awareness and better understanding of the Islamic culture. Islamopolitan is not an Islamic art exhibition; it is contemporary and innovative Islamic art and it is perceived and presented by emerging artists and designers, and not all of them are Muslim.