UAE, Sharjah 2017 | INDUSTRY | COLUMN

TBY talks to Leo Condemi, General Manager, Italian Dairy Products, on the sector.

Leo Condemi

How have you carved out a niche for yourself in the UAE?

Seven years ago, we started by leasing a facility and importing all the cheese-making machinery directly from Italy, with an Italian cheese maker and oven. We imported everything except the milk, which comes from Al Ain. Saudi Arabia is the fifth-largest producer of milk in the world. In Saudi Arabia, there is even an area designated for dairy production referred to as “Milk City.” Dubai and Al Ain import cows from Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Australia, and Europe. Despite our geographic location and its climate, our supply of dairy is consistent, all-year round, and the prices are not affected by external factors. We also import buffalo milk from Italy for mozzarella production, which arrives frozen and concentrated. We mix it with water and we start the production, exactly the way it is done in Italy.

What strategies did you utilize to build up your firm?

We only had one strategy from the beginning: produce the best and freshest product and deliver it daily. We do not use preservatives, we do not cut corners, and we love and stand behind our product. It was not long before it became popular and developed a sustained demand.