TBY talks to Ahmed Al Ameeri, General Manager, ASAS Real Estate, on the sector.

Ahmed Al Ameeri

Why did SIB decide to create a subsidiary company for real estate investments?

As a result of the evolvement of the real estate sector in the UAE and the increase of real estate investment projects, SIB saw the importance of participating in this real estate sector by establishing the ASAS Real Estate Company with professional and experienced staff to manage the real-estate portfolio of the bank, in addition to participating positively in developments in the UAE real-estate market. Currently, ASAS Real Estate successfully operates many fields in real estate business sectors such as project development, property management, and real estate evaluations.

What is ASAS Real Estate's strategy for setting the company apart from the competition?

ASAS always follows up the real-estate market's demand and finds the best investment opportunities. ASAS strategy has three pillars: location, price, and quality. Striking a balance between each of these factors is the key to success of ASAS management and what adds value to our projects. ASAS is always looking for strategic alliances with long business relations that could add value to its business.