UAE, Sharjah 2017 | ENERGY | COLUMN

TBY talks to Ali Murtaza, Director, AXCL LUBES, on the sector.

Ali Murtaza

Where is your presence currently, and where are you looking to expand?

We are a lubricants manufacturing company and have our own blending plants. We have one in Sharjah and another in Kampala, Uganda. We manufacture all types of lubricants catering to the automotive, industrial, and marine industries. We have a staff of about 150 people working here and about 50 in Uganda. We export to 45 countries, and our largest markets currently are the GCC and Southeast Asia. Growth in the next five years for us will come from Africa as well as Eastern Europe. Underdeveloped countries or countries such as India and Bangladesh, meanwhile, are just getting into gear and have growing economies. They have huge demand for oil as they are just becoming industrialized.

What are your advantages over your competitors?

As we are not that large, we can cater to many of our customers' specific demands. We manufacture lubricants specific to the clients' needs. This flexibility is a great advantage for us, as many transport companies or large industries have specific requirements for lubrication. We have many clients who appreciate this advantage. Our customer service and ability to cater to product specifications set us apart.