TBY talks to Mounir S. Haddad, CEO, ADNIP, on the sector.

Mounir S. Haddad

Which markets represent the bulk of your operations for the paper production line?

Our main market is Saudi Arabia, to which we export around 40% of our production. In recent years, they have shifted from what we used to call 100% recycled paper or super commercial paper, which was 70% recycled and 30% prime pulp, into prime quality paper, which is far more expensive due to its purity. Other than that, we are also exporting to Europe where the biggest tissue companies such as Kimberly Clark are coming to the UAE and shipping our products to their markets. To the UK alone, we ship 500 tons of paper every month.

What do you see for the future of the company in the next three years?

The company is currently worth AED800 million, which we are working to make AED2 billion in the next two years. Immediate plans are to do mergers and acquire new business lines that will awake the interest of other companies. We are looking to diversify our scope to cover other industries such as aluminum, steel, carpentry, and the like. There is a great future in these areas and, despite the current economic adversity, I see a great performance for ADNIP.