TBY talks to Kamal Puri, Chairman, Skyline Group, on the sector.

Kamal Puri

What was Skyline University's mandate when it was established?

Skyline envisions being a globally renowned university that nurtures a spirit of innovation and creativity towards building a knowledge-based society. We were established almost three decades ago. The main goal at the time was to create an organization for business and management training and education, starting with travel and tourism, then marketing, international business, and IT. Since then, we have graduated at least 12,000 students, who are working with airlines, hotels, tourism companies, as well as manufacturing and service industries locally, nationally, regionally, and globally.

How do you incorporate remote learning into your programs?

We have virtual classrooms and discussion rooms and every faculty member submits the topics and learning outcomes to give students complete details of what they will learn. We are launching online programs and doctorate programs as well as bachelor of public administration (BPA), MBA, and DBA programs. We are also working on a BSc in IT and an MBA in hospital management. We want to tailor our programs to the business demands of the future: artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, robotics, and so on. Much of what is being taught today will not be valid to the work environment of 2030, so we are looking 10 years ahead.