TBY talks to Harish Tahiliani, Managing Director, Arab & India Spices LLC, on the sector.

Harish Tahiliani

What is your production capacity here in Ajman?

We currently have about 16 production lines running, which mill about 700 million tons of lentils a day. When we moved to Ajman in 2006, we had seven production lines in operation. That year, however, the Indian government banned the export of lentils from India to curb prices in the domestic market. This was a fantastic opportunity for us, as we were the largest manufacturer of lentils and pulses outside India. Since there was massive demand, we started increasing our production capacities and now have 16 production lines on our premise. Growth and innovation are imperative to a successful business, which is why we are still expanding and setting up three new production lines.

How would you describe the evolution of your client base over time?

When we started the company we had 20-25 customers. Once I took over the business, we started building up the sales team and appointing sales and media managers. It is the quality of our products and services that has driven our clientele to more than 2,000 loyal customers in over 45 countries, ranging from wholesale and semi-wholesale traders to flour mills, supermarket chains, and grocery and specialty stores.