TBY talks to Uğur Genç, CEO of Memorial Healthcare Group, about specialization in organ transplants, the use of robots, and investment in technology.

From our Investing in Turkey Special Report.

Memorial Healthcare Group has stood out for its specialization in organ transplants. Can you outline some of the group's successes in the area?

Memorial Healthcare Group is the reference point in areas like adult and pediatric liver, kidney and bone marrow, heart surgery, general surgery, oncology, urology, cardiology, IVF, and neurosurgery. We continue to be the center of excellence for patients in Turkey and from all around the world awaiting an organ transplant. In our Memorial Şişli Organ Transplant Center, in a world first, our team performed simultaneous liver and kidney transplants on a 7-kg baby. In our Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital, our team successfully performed a liver transplant from a live donor without using blood or blood products for the first time. Among private hospitals groups in Turkey, we lead the world in robotic organ transplants from live donors with Dr. Volkan Tuğcu taking the lead at Memorial Bahçelievler Kidney Transplant Center. Some 85% of our transplants are from live donors. With our scientific research and new applications, we continue to host many doctors from around the world in our various of departments to learn and gain benefit from our expertise. We are home to the leading organ transplantation centers of the world with approximately 350 kidneys, 265 liver, and 400 bone marrow transplants per year. We are proud of not only the numbers but also the success rates of these surgeries.

What are some of the technology investments Memorial is making?

Memorial Healthcare Group values technological investments that lead us to have international success in complicated branches. It takes high technological screening innovation to have success in diagnosis and treatment. Most of these technologies are being applied for the first time in Turkey simultaneously with the world. We use exclusive technologies like Pet-CT, to diagnose cancer and for staging at an early stage. In addition, for cancer treatments, we use radiotherapy practice with TrueBeam STx and Elekta Versa HD Signature technologies. We provide an exclusive service with three Tesla MR screening system with extensive tunnel diameter for patients with claustrophobia, also with high-level screening technology devices in heart health such a cardiac MR, cardiac BT, and three-dimension echocardiography. We successfully use Da Vinci XI technology, which is being used particularly for urology as well as gynecology and general surgeries.