Turkey is hoping to become a production hub for a wide range of industrial materials. Its high domestic demand also makes it attractive to foreign investors.

Özhan Olcay
Pekintaş Group
Muzaffer Boynudelik
General Manager
Alubond Turkey

Why is Aluform the preferred partner for multinationals investing in Turkey?

ÖZHAN OLCAY I believe that we provide high-quality products at a competitive price. We have all the requirements, certifications, and testing programs. We have passed stringent fire and insulation testing, and work exclusively with the leading materials providers, such as Dow Chemicals, which is a leader in its fields and one of the highest-quality raw material producers. Yet, despite using these raw materials, we are not the most expensive producer on the market. We always try to maintain a price/quality ratio that works to the advantage of our customers. One of our strengths is our repeat customer ratio, and total customer satisfaction is always our top priority. We have a respectable capacity of approximately 5 million sqm, which is applied successfully. Of course, diverse production specifications require a range of solutions. The production of a 200 mm cold-store panel, for example, requires considerable expertise, know-how, and effort, which the client appreciates.

Why did Alubond choose Turkey as the location for its new production hub?

MUZAFFER BOYNUDELİK Over the past decade, there has been a significant growth in the construction sector, and it is increasing every year. For the past few years, the domestic demand for aluminum composite panels has been about 8 million sqm to 10 million sqm per year. Turkey's geographical position and large market gives it a major role in the worldwide arena and attracts foreign investors. Also, its location, which is very close to large and growing markets such as Russia and the Middle East, as well as its consistently growing economy, make it a magnet in the region. We introduced ourselves perfectly to Alubond, and this affected the company's decision to invest in Turkey.

What are your long-term plans in both Turkey and internationally?

ÖO Pekintaş Group is now known as an expert in industrial buildings, and a turnkey solution provider for industrial construction. We want to build on this reputation through further signature projects, by adding more satisfied customers to our portfolio. We will also achieve this by providing our customers with fresh solutions that are also reliable and cost-effective. We have purchased a new project area in the industrial zone of Gaziantep, and will hopefully commence operations at that location in 2014. This will allow us to more organically combine the potential of this part of the world with our energy processes. We are talking about the production of about 7 million sqm of panels, and if 5 million of these were roof panels, it would potentially amount to many megawatts of electrical production.

MB Our first target is to completely finish our ongoing factory. We will have a covered area of 20,000 sqm on a 100,000-sqm plot of land. We will have a production capacity of 12 million sqm of fire-rated panels here. With this capacity, our target is to be the market leader of Turkey, Europe, Russia, and the Turkic republics; basically, in all the markets where we work, we want to be the market leader. Of course, in addition to our high production capacity, we want to have an advanced R&D department to produce new products and services. Our products will lead us to reach our goals in the market, and we will try to add value to our economy and industry. In addition, another important objective is to enter the top-250 largest industrial companies in Turkey. Via this goal, we target to have a total turnover of $500 million over the next five years.