TBY talks to Dr. Samwel Ogillo, CEO, APHFTA Tanzania Private Health Sector, on the sector.

Dr. Samwel Ogillo

How does APHFTA support the private healthcare sector in Tanzania?

APHFTA was registered in 1994 as a platform for the private health sector to meet and discuss its issues and offer its services as an advocacy body. Since the Ministry of Health's call for reforms in 2005, the association and its members have been meeting two or three times a year, forming several committees with the Ministry of Health on healthcare financing, human resources, maternal and child health, and HIV. APHFTA has always pushed for private health sector involvement in the health sector policy and strategy formulation.

How should the public sector create an enabling environment for private companies looking to invest in healthcare in Tanzania?

A PPP policy was implemented eight years ago as a matter of urgency, and the PPP Act was signed in 2010. This act initially focused on big investments and large-scale infrastructure. It was amended three years ago to accommodate smaller PPPs, fully supported by APHFTA. It is hard to have a foreign investor come in if there is no right framework in place to ensure the security of investment, as well as potential for growth.