TBY talks to Prof. Eleuther A. M. Mwangeni Acting Executive Secretary, Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU), on the sector.

Prof. Eleuther A. M. Mwangeni

Where would you like to see more investment in the development of tertiary education in Tanzania?

We really need to place emphasis on health and medical studies. Very few institutions offer such programs in Tanzania. In science and technology, we are just beginning, and now with the recent oil and gas discoveries, we realize we are really lagging behind.

What are the main challenges facing the university sector in Tanzania?

One of the main challenges facing us is our reliance on government funding; universities need to be innovative to attract funding from around the world. Secondly, the links between universities and the private sector and industry are weak and need to be developed. Universities are meant to develop innovations that can be used by industry and implemented for commercial purposes to create value for the national economy. We try to encourage institutions to partner with industry when they create their programs, and involve stakeholders in terms of determining what is needed in the market A third concern is the gender imbalance in tertiary education.