Tanzania 2018 | TOURISM | COLUMN

TBY talks to HON. Prof. Jumanne Maghembe, Former Minister of Natural Resources & Tourism, on the sector.

HON. Prof. Jumanne Maghembe

What is the ministry doing to boost tourism in the southern circuit?

The ministry is taking many steps. In terms of infrastructure, we are investing USD156 million in refurbishments inside the national parks in Ruaha, Selous, and Kituro. On the transportation front, we are going to have regular passenger flights from Dar es Salaam to Iringa and Kilimanjaro to Iringa to make it cheaper for tourists to move around in Tanzania and to encourage them to stay longer in the country. We are also working on improving infrastructure in our airports, and discussing the possibilities of investing USD110 million on improving the road between Iringa and Ruaha national parks. On a marketing level, we hold annual events and tourism fairs designed to promote the comparative values of the southern part of our country.

What are the strategic pillars of your marketing strategy to promote Tanzania as a destination both internationally and locally?

Promotion is expensive, which is why we are making the most of every direct and indirect opportunity to spread the word about Tanzania throughout the world. We want people to know what we have to offer. On this front, we are planning an extensive television campaign for launch in the US and UK. We are working with the Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation on a dedicated tourism channel, and have further plans to link this up with DSTV, National Geographic, and the Discovery Channel.