Tanzania 2018 | TELECOMS & IT | COLUMN

TBY talks to Ayub Rioba, Director General, Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC), on the sector.

Ayub Rioba

Will the tourism channel tie in with the government's focus on domestic tourism?

Yes. Our tourism channel will be highly intelligent and modern. We will find ways to ensure that it transcends the borders of the country, making it available online and on global platforms. With the growth of the middle class, there are now many Tanzanians who can afford to visit our attractions and use their income to support the industry and conservation. In addition to increasing government revenue, this will sensitize people to the issues facing the environment. The more people that visit these eco-tourism hotspots, the more they can help other Tanzanians understand the importance of conservation.

How much of TBC's content is locally sourced?

We have generated a great deal of local content over the years. With partners such as TANAPA, we will be producing fresh documentaries of our own, while also entering into partnerships with experienced international producers. We are also planning live streams, such as the spectacular wildebeest migration. Last year we covered the event live in partnership with Chinese and Kenyan broadcasting corporations. We want to stress diversity and creativity in our content base to ensure that we continue to attract a wide audience.