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TBY talks to Matthew Haden, Founder & CEO, The Recycler, on the sector.

Matthew Haden

What services does The Recycler offer businesses?

The Recycler offers waste management and recycling. For large clients, we install a staff member on site to receive all of the waste and separate recyclables from non-recyclables, and we then collect the recyclables. Through this process we can reduce waste by up to as much as 50%, and the client saves money because, instead of requiring two trucks a day to transport waste to the landfill, it only needs one. Finally, the recyclables that we collect are sold to various companies.

How is interest in these services growing?

The main attraction is the ability to cut costs. When there are solutions that save money and have the added bonus of helping the environment, most companies jump at the opportunity. We started this project in 2014 and since then have grown our numbers from just two people to a team of 25. Now, we have over 30 clients, and our services vary from recycling collections to full-scale waste management. Our business has increased mostly by word of mouth.