Jordan 2019

2019 marks the first year of our coverage of Jordan, in partnership with the Jordan Investment Commission. We were warmly welcomed into the Kingdom, conducting nearly 100 interviews with Jordan's leading private- and public-sector players, expanding our coverage of the Middle East region. Jordan's economy is experiencing growth, albeit below forecasted levels, having emerged relatively unscathed from a difficult decade in a difficult region.

Sneak peek at what's inside:

TBY ANALYTICS Jordan 2019:

TBY Analytics reviewed all of the interviews conducted for The Business Year: Jordan 2019 and examined trends and sentiment among the country's business leaders.

What are the advantages and challenges of doing business in Jordan?


  • Political stability and safety
  • Increased logistic activities
  • Attractive environment for foreign investors
  • Well-educated employment pool
  • Technological infrastructure
  • Critical geographic positioning
  • Extensive expertise and utilization of solar energy


  • Lack of liquidity
  • High electricity costs
  • Increased tax rates
  • Limited opportunity to generate new jobs
  • Growing rates of youth unemployment and inflation
  • Water scarcity
  • Refugee burden


Among the many prominent individuals we interviewed for this edition were:

  • Omar Razzaz, Prime Minister of Jordan
  • Muhannad Shehadeh, Former Minister of State for Investment Affairs & Former President of Jordan Investment Commission (JIC)
  • Hussein Krishan, CEO, Ma'an Development Area (MDA)
  • Major General (Rtd) Mohammad Farghal, Director General, King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB)
  • Sheldon Fink, Chairman & CEO, PBI Aqaba Industrial Estate
  • Dr. Ezzedin Kanakriyeh, Minister of Finance
  • Dr. Adnan Al'Araj, General Manager, BLOM Bank Jordan
  • Hashem Sayyed Hashem, Deputy Chairman & CEO, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC)



Our coverage of Jordan would not be complete without visiting industry and tourism game changers in the country's only port, at Aqaba, located a stone's throw from Israel, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia on the Red Sea.

"When it started, Ayla Oasis Development Company employed three or four people, and now it's 300 strong, 97% of whom are Jordanians."

- Sahl Dudin, Managing Director, Ayla Oasis Development Company