Jamaica 2018

Jamaica is in reform mode, hoping the broad Vision 2030 will allow it to engineer a way out of decades of chronically slow growth and a bloated public sector. Structural reform and economic diversification will be the country's watchwords for the coming years, as the challenges of adjustment become clearer.

Sneak peek at what's inside:

TBY Analytics: Jamaica 2018

TBY Analytics reviewed all of the interviews conducted for The Business Year: Jamaica 2018 and examined trends and sentiment among the nation's business leaders.

Our interviewees' most frequently mentioned benefits of doing business in Jamaica:

  • Large labor force 16.49%
  • Strong tourism sector 16.49%
  • Regional position 13.4%
  • Abundant natural resources 11.34%
  • Emerging BPO sector 10.31%
  • English-speaking country 7.22%
  • Poised for growth 6.19%
  • Renewable energy potential 5.15%
  • Stable currency 5.15%
  • Falling interest rates 4.12%
  • Growing consumer confidence levels 4.12%


Jamaica's global brand, first rate human capital, and excellent ties to neighboring countries have made it a surprisingly successful petri dish for innovation and scalability in recent years. Here are just a few of the people we talked to about the benefits of doing business in Jamaica.

  • David Ducognon, General Manager, Total Jamaica
  • Wes Edens, Founder and Chairman, New Fortress Energy
  • Mervyn Eyre, CEO, Fujitsu Caribbean, Central America and Mexico
  • Eva Lewis, Citi Country Officer/Corporate and Investment Bank Head, Citi Jamaica



"Unemployment is one of the most persistent problems in Jamaica. Part of it is a structural issue that relates to inadequate training for many of our young people who reach working age without being fully trained."

- Audley Shaw, Minister of Finance and the Public Service