Ecuador 2019

Lenín Moreno assumed the Presidency of Ecuador in May 2017 as a proponent of reducing the size of the government, privatizing industry, and lowering public spending where possible.

Sneak peek at what's inside:

TBY ANALYTICS Ecuador 2019:
TBY Analytics reviewed all of the interviews conducted for The Business Year: Ecuador 2019 and examined trends and sentiment among the country's business leaders.


This year, we talked to a range of leaders in Ecuadorian business and politics. Among these were:

  • Lenín Boltaire Moreno Garcés, President of EcuadorJaime Nebot Saadi, Mayor of Guayaquil
  • Pablo Campana Sáenz, Minister of Production, Foreign Trade & Investments
  • José Antonio Hidalgo Molina, President, Ecuador-China Chamber of Commerce
  • Verónica Artola Jarrín, General Manager, Central Bank of Ecuador
  • Gustavo Wray, General Manager, Agripac
  • Javier Contreras Cevallos, Executive President, Grupo Conclina
  • Giovanny Camacho, General Manager, Ciudad Mitad Del Mundo



"Currently, the Ecuadorian economy is comprised of 55% services, 30% manufacturing, and 15% primary agricultural production. We want to move to a bigger economy, with more services and manufacturing and less primary agriculture."

- José Agusto Briones, National Secretary for Planning & Development (SENPLADES)