TBY talks to, Eng. Marwan Orabi, General Manager, Metallic Equipment Co., on the industry sector.

Eng. Marwan Orabi

Why did you decide to establish your manufacturing plant in Sharjah in 1990?

Sharjah is one of the best places for a manufacturing plant to be located. The connectivity and network of roads and infrastructure that the government has built enables us to reach all the Emirates conveniently. The utilities and the overall cost of living is also competitive in comparison with the rest of the Emirates.

In 2015 you predicted a 20% increase in your activities compared to 2014. What are your expectations and goals for the company in 2016?

As a result of a productive year in 2015, we are expecting a 30% increase in our activities in 2016. There are various factors to be taken into account for success. First of all, you have to be qualified. You have to know the market and make use of good assessment on different project approaches. You also have to be flexible in incorporating new technology and modern management systems efficiently and effectively on the run.