TBY talks to Mark Adams, CEO, Anglo Arabian Healthcare, on the health sector.

How will this drive for competition affect your business model?

Competition in healthcare increases standards for patients, so that means better doctors and equipment. Competition is generally healthy, but it will lead to further market consolidation, like we have witnessed in Dubai. Another side is that greater competition stops insurance companies from bullying smaller clinics. For example, in five years' time there will be around five big institutions and they are going to have to be competitive to capture patients, and they are going to be big enough with enough resources to invest in bigger and better facilities.

What are Anglo Arabian's priorities for the next three years?

Our strategy was to develop four brands, namely, low demographic, mid demographic, high demographic, and then underpin that with a world-class diagnostics group. In the next three years we could double that and get to a size where we are perhaps fifth in the market across the UAE. After that, we can start thinking about opening facilities in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Oman. We want to become a reasonable sized fish in a small pond and we are nearly there.


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