Saudi Arabia 2017 | ENERGY | COLUMN

TBY talks to Abdulkarim Alnujaidi CEO, GASCO, on the sector.

Abdulkarim Alnujaidi

Where does GASCO stand today relative to one year ago?

In terms of energy, we are certain that prices will change. We see wiser consumption of energy and more focus on the industrial, commercial, and agricultural sectors in Saudi Arabia. These two elements are important for GASCO. We are following this development to understand where the private sector expansion is heading and the form of energy it will require. For commercial and industrial organizations, gas is the safest, most reliable, and greenest source of energy, so we seek to capitalize on this trend

How are your sales split between residential and industrial in the market?

As a distributor of LPG, we serve both industrial and residential customers, but with the move to using more natural gas for industry, we are ready to use our infrastructure and fleet to serve the needs of that market, whether in natural gas or LPG. If natural gas becomes the fuel for power generation, GASCO is keen to play a role in providing power generation sites with the gas they need. Our strategy is dynamic, but at the same time customer centric. With the potential of more use of gas, selling gas in bulk is a possible growth area for us.