Saudi Arabia 2017 | DIPLOMACY | COLUMN

TBY talks to Prokopios Pavlopoulus, President, Greece, on the subject.

Prokopios Pavlopoulus

In this new era of relations with Saudi Arabia, Greece is coming as a member state of the EU located in the sensitive region of the Mediterranean. I stress this because this cooperation is not only economic; on the contrary, Saudi Arabia is a state that plays a key role among Arab countries. What is more, its role is enhanced by its distinguished stability. Thus it can also play an important role in the consolidation of peace in the region, especially in the fight against terrorism. Therefore, Greece sees this cooperation primarily in the context that is associated with the stability in the region and the resolution of such important issues, which touch not only Europe but also the global community.

With respect to economic cooperation, it is true that we have a long tradition of cooperation with Saudi Arabia, which facilitates the development of new horizons in the future. The respective areas are numerous. Every minister knows his/her area, and I am sure they will contribute to the benefit from this cooperation. The main areas of this cooperation are: infrastructure in general, tourism, energy—especially renewable energy sources—and agricultural activity, because there are many areas where we can develop our relations. Moreover, there is a field that is related to the education and exchange relations at the university level, but also in terms of technology. I believe that this cooperation can be very profitable.