Saudi Arabia 2017 | AVIATION | COLUMN

TBY talks to Paul Byrne , CEO, Flynas, on the sector.

Paul Byrne

What are some of the recent achievements at flynas in terms of your fleet, routes, and operations?

Flynas was proud to announce a record order of Airbus 320NEO family aircraft. This deal was concluded at the end of 2016 and will see the new aircraft being delivered to flynas from 3Q2018. The expectation is that these aircraft will immediately save 15% on fuel due to the updated designs. This will give flynas the opportunity over the coming 10 years to have one of the newest fleets in the region.

How is flynas positioning itself for the expected increase in Hajj and Umrah visitors?

The main way of getting people into Saudi Arabia is by air. The Muslim world is expanding, so people coming here for Umrah or the Hajj have little choice but to fly in. The aviation industry should benefit greatly from this. We have a separate division that was set up to serve the Hajj market and by extension Umrah as well. For the Hajj, we have served around 17 different countries, many of them in West Africa and some in the former Soviet Union.