Saudi Arabia 2017 | FINANCE | COLUMN

TBY talks to Haitham Al Ghulaiga, Acting Director General, Institute of Finance, on the sector.

Haitham Al Ghulaiga

Does Vision 2030 offer opportunities for the Institute of Finance over the long term?

We strongly believe that the institute's mission goes hand-in-hand with the Saudi Vision 2030. As the second pillar of the vision is to become a global investment powerhouse, we believe that we have an important role and the responsibility, now more than ever, to develop professionals in the financial services sector. Therefore, we are aligning our goals, programs, and initiatives to help support the vision in achieving its strategic objectives. This will help us take a leading role regionally and internationally.

What are your expectations at the Institute of Finance for enrollments, courses, and services in 2017?

We have positive expectations for 2017. We are increasing our activities in three main areas: Islamic finance and banking, SMEs, and financial education—of course, this will be while maintaining the level of activities, services, and quality in other areas. We are increasing our cooperation with international training providers, and forming strategic partnerships with international training and development institutions. Also, we are keen to cooperate and collaborate with other government and semi-government bodies related to the human capital development sector.