TBY talks to Ahmed A. Zaidan, Founder & President, Edge Architects & Engineers on the sector.

Ahmed A. Zaidan

As a company that has specialized in delivering architectural solutions for key infrastructure developments across the Kingdom, what do you consider to be the landmark projects undertaken by EdgeArch?

The project of most significance to me personally is the New King Abdullah Airport in Jazan. It is the largest regional greenfield airport in Saudi Arabia. It was a gargantuan undertaking by a then small firm that had no experience in airport planning or design. The project had never ending challenges, and one of the biggest challenges was that, by the time we completed the master plan and gotten it approved, there was less than six months left in our contract to design and engineer everything. The project is now under construction and should be completed in three years.

How would you describe the style and philosophy that characterizes each of the projects carried out by EdgeArch?

At EdgeArch, we don't follow a style nor subscribe to a certain philosophy per se. We strive to create places of significance that enhance people's experiences and delight them. We do that by thinking of the project as a manifestation of creative solutions to our clients' problems and challenges.