Saudi Arabia 2017 | ECONOMY | COLUMN

TBY talks to Khalid Alkhudair, CEO & Founder, Glowork, on the sector.

Khalid Alkhudair

What challenges in the Saudi labor market prompted Glowork into action?

The biggest challenges today in the labor market for women lie in the large gap between education and the labor market. We looked at creating a platform that connects female jobseekers to employers. Now, we offer headhunting services. We interview 4,000 women on a weekly basis and hire 28 women a day, on average, for different organizations. We have worked with the government on legislation and laws. We have also established a virtual office tool to allow women in rural areas to work from home.

What does the future hold for Glowork?

We are growing very quickly and trying to scale up. We are looking at taking our concept to countries in this region, but adapted to a local manner. Social media has been essential to us in marketing, especially for an organization of our size. It has been an important cost-effective method, as have been women themselves, who have been our brand ambassadors. This organization has been built on women who have had difficulties in finding jobs. There are many issues out there, and it is important that women take the lead in growing this organization.