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TBY talks to Ahmad Al-Yamani, CEO, Takamol, on the sector.

Ahmad Al-Yamani

What is Takamol?

Set up in 2013, Takamol is a government company owned by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development with the specific aim of having a positive impact on the Saudi Arabian labor market. We take a problem, manage the lifecycle of the solution, and create sustainable value for the Saudi economy.

How does Takamol address the fundamental changes that are taking place in the Saudi economy today?

Takamol is not only focused on today. Our drive is to generate sustainable socio-economic solutions for a better tomorrow. Employment is fundamental to this. A key objective of ours is to make potential employees more attractive to employers whilst stimulating employers to create more job opportunities. In the last year alone, we delivered online training for more than 200,000 Saudi nationals to prepare potential employees to fully meet the demands of employers across the Kingdom. We also developed a program that will generate jobs for 13,000 Saudi nationals in some of our most remote locations by securing private sector investment in five targeted regions. By 2020, Takamol aims to support an additional 100,000 Saudi nationals to work remotely through this specific program.