Saudi Arabia 2017 | ENERGY | COLUMN

TBY talks to Sadad Ibrahim Al-Husseini , Founder & Owner, Husseini Energy, on the sector.

Sadad Ibrahim Al-Husseini

Will Aramco be a good investment?

The privatization of Aramco is an absolutely brilliant idea. For private investors, it could be the investment of a lifetime. First, because Aramco is an exceptionally successful company that has been functioning steadily for years. This is not a speculative project in Siberia or the deep offshore basins of Brazil. Its a company that has a highly qualified workforce, a sympathetic government, state-of-the-art plants and facilities, and many more future plans, projects and reserves to keep it carrying on for decades.

What advice would you give international investors looking to invest in Saudi Arabia?

What my consultancy tells our clients is not to rush to make hasty or risky decisions. Study the prospects and consider your objectives carefully. Having said that, this is a fantastic time to be in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia once an investor has focused on specific goals and has an implementation plan. The Kingdom has a young population, its economy is growing, and there is scarce competition in virtually all its business sectors. The problem that most companies encounter is finding and recruiting the right young indigenous talent that any new enterprise needs to successfully position itself in the Saudi market.