Goodwin Qatar continues to invest a significant amount of its profits in R&D to ensure it stays at the top.

Issa Ghanim H A Al-Kuwari

The chairman of Goodwin Qatar W.L.L., Issa Ghanem H Al-Kuwari, previously worked with the Interior Minister Office for 28 years between 1988 and 2016 as a senior clerical officer in charge of controlling of internal government documents. He is currently focusing on the construction sector as a local sponsor and chairman.

What are the main sectors where Goodwin is active?
Our portfolio of products is diverse, ranging from glass fiber reinforced plastics (GRP) planter pots to GRP pipes and accessories. These are not only normal-sized pipes, but also large ones as well, spanning from 0.1m to 2m. Further we have plans to extend our product line to anything that can be made with GRP, including electric boxes. GRP is more resistant, efficient, and does not rust. We can extend this to all kinds of products in Qatar. The vast majority of our business, 90%, is with Kahramaa and Ashghal. These companies are increasingly ordering products from us that protect equipment from external weather. We have internationally recognized certificates for the administrative quality and the health and safety of our products, which are compulsory by the government. The government is also helping Qatari companies create an industrial sector in the country. Qatar Development Bank (QDB) is facilitating all the processes and providing support.

Is Goodwin looking to diversify its GRP production?
In total, there are three main competing companies doing what we do in Qatar. We are constantly working to innovate our product lists, so that in the near future we will be able to create differentiated GRP products under our brand name. We are currently taking all the necessary steps toward achieving this goal. Currently, we are working on getting approval for our pressure-resistant pipes. We are planning and slowly progressing toward achieving our long-term objectives through product diversification and quality assurance.

What are the efforts of Goodwin in order to keep investing in R&D?
The government has realized the usefulness of GRP products. Before, pipes were made from concrete and other substances that were easily corroded. With its non-corrosive property and long durability, the future seems to be bright for GRP products, though maintaining a competitive costing structure and keeping abreast of the new technologies and innovation in the market are the key factors that will make a difference between a good company and a great company. Thus, a good amount of our profits is invested in R&D to ensure Goodwin remains a great company.

What opportunities have the major sports events brought to your company?
We have been associated with major contracting companies in Doha for stadium works that are under FIFA. We have worked for the stadium projects, namely Khalifa Stadium, Al Bayt Stadium, Al Rayyan, and Education City. These works are challenging, as they require a great deal of planning and coordination. At the same time, we are constantly pushed to deliver the finest version of ourselves each time. Finally, we are glad we had an opportunity to be a part of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. It will be one of the many global events that Qatar will host in the future.