The Business Year: Iran 2011 launched

Iran, 26 February, 2011—the first edition of the most comprehensive international business and investment guide to the Iranian economy ever.

The Business Year (TBY) is pleased to announce the publication of The Business Year: Iran 2011, produced in partnership with the Organization for Investment Economic & Technical Assistance of Iran (OIETAI). As TBY’s official research partner, OIETAI, which has extensive local knowledge and experience in assisting foreign investors with their investments in Iran, facilitated TBY’s research during project.

“OIETAI is very happy to be presenting this publication with TBY. The Islamic Republic of Iran is embracing the future with confidence and determination, and The Business Year Iran 2011 is a perfect compliment to the overhaul of Iran’s foreign direct investment (FDI) framework and banking and insurance laws aimed at increasing the visibility of Iran in international business circles as an investment destination,” said Dr. Behrouz Alishiri, President of OIETAI. Ay≈üe Hazƒ±r, Regional Director of TBY, expressed her pleasure in announcing the publication of Iran 2011, stating, “The country is reaffirming its economic potential and strengthening its regional diplomatic ties. With a strong sense of its own destiny, Iran expects to attract an increasing volume of FDI and wants to play a part in the global concert of nations.”

TBY publications are well known for providing first-hand information. During the production of The Business Year: Iran 2011, TBY’s experts spoke directly to over 150 Iranian business leaders and government officials. In addition to specialist analysis of each sector, The Business Year Iran 2011 includes interviews and viewpoints from key people within each sector as well as guest speakers ranging from local and international political leaders and business personalities.

The Business Year: Iran 2011 is the most comprehensive English language review of the economy to date published internationally, and will be acclaimed by top executives, policy makers and international media all around the world.

The publication includes many exclusive interviews, including with Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Dr. Behrouz Alishiri, Vice-Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance and President of OIETAI, and Dr. Mahmoud Bahmani, Governor of the Central Bank of Iran. There is also a strong representation from the private sector, including interviews with Javad Najmeddin, President and CEO of IKCO, Dr. Ali Divandari, Chairman and Managing Director of Bank Mellat, Mohammad Sadr Hashemi Nejad, Chairman of Stratus Group Holding Iran, S.M. Alipour, Managing Director of Asia Insurance, Mohammad Reza Montazeri, Managing Director and Board Member of FKCC Cement, and Vali Zarrabieh, CEO of Saman Bank, just to name a few. TBY also presents the opinions of many heads of foreign companies in the country, including Ziya Domanic, Managing Director of Unilever Iran, and Irteza Ali Qureshi, COO of Kansai Paint Iranian.

The Business Year: Iran 2011 also includes a guest speaker article featuring Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan elaborating on the importance of Iran as an economic partner in the region.

Interviews form the basis of TBY’s research, and are structured around chapters covering the main sectors that make up the economy: diplomacy & politics, economy, finance, energy, industry & mining, ICT, transport, real estate & construction, agriculture, health & education, and tourism. Articles provide the reader with all the vital facts and figures, from GDP and inflation to individual sectoral growth, reform processes, development projects, and investment opportunities. The publication concludes with an executive guide, providing details for foreign companies on how to get started in business in Iran.