TBY talks to the Hon. Mukanga

Zambia, June 8, 2015—Leading research and publishing firm The Business Year (TBY) is currently working on its second yearly publication focused on Zambia. This issue will include interviews with nearly 150 of Zambia’s leading figures in business, politics, and economics.

One of those figures is Hon. Yamfwa D. Mukanga, MP Cabinet Minister, Government Chief Whip, and Minister of Transport, Works, Supply and Communication, who recently held a meeting with TBY to discuss the main highlights achieved by the government and its targets for the near future.

During the interview, the Minister stressed the importance of the Link Zambia 8000 project, Pave Zambia 2000, as well as a $120 million bond aimed at rehabilitating Zambian railroads. Hon. Mukanga also highlighted out the importance of the Kazungula Bridge to connect Zambia with Botswana. This development will ease congestion across the borders and will improve regional trade.

The Minister didn’t forget about communications and informed TBY about the government’s will to ensure that proper investment is made in this field so that every person has access to to the information highway. He also said that the e-government platform project will improve the efficiency of government processes, increase transparency, and tackle corruption.

TBY is the only publication within its category that reaches every key international investor and member of the business community. Its publications are read by an increasing number of worldwide corporate clients including international institutions such as the IMF and the World Bank, as well as national and international private companies, accountancy firms, financial institutions, industrial conglomerates, and governmental organizations.

The Business Year: Zambia 2015 will reach almost 97,700 readers worldwide in its printed version, while an even wider audience will be able to peruse the publication via TBY’s iPad, iPhone, and Android mobile apps.