TBY signs MoU with KAMCO

KAMCO Investment Company, a leading investment company with one of the largest AUMs in the region, has penned an MoU with TBY, an international research and publishing firm of annual economic reviews on over 25 emerging markets, to collaborate on The Business Year: Kuwait 2017. The MoU was signed in Kuwait City with Faisal Sarkhou, CEO of KAMCO, and TBY’s Country Manager for Kuwait, Cristina Villegas.

In the agreement, KAMCO’s Investment Research Division will support TBY in identifying the economic trends in key sectors in order to compile the most comprehensive English-language publication on the Kuwaiti economy. The Business Year: Kuwait 2017 will not only feature a special chapter on the country’s large-scale infrastructure projects under the five-year development plan (2015-2020), but will also focus on real estate developers in Kuwait’s burgeoning retail segment. KAMCO will hence assist TBY in this endeavor through collaboration in market research, analysis of industry trends, and highlighting opportunities for the international investment community.

Commenting on the signing of the MoU, Faisal Sarkhou, CEO of KAMCO, said: “KAMCO’s solid track record and years of market experience have played a key role in strengthening our thought leadership position in the investment arena. Our collaborative efforts with the TBY team will assist us in further demonstrating our extensive research and market analysis on the local economy. Our research team will contribute and highlight key aspects of the economy, specifically focusing on the banking sector and the overall capital market. We look forward to working more closely with TBY in the future with informative projects that not only benefit the private sector, but the Kuwaiti economy as a whole.”

At the same time, TBY Regional Director Paul Loomis highlighted KAMCO’s pioneering investment research: “KAMCO is not only one of the most established investment firms in the country, but its research division has highlighted key trends in the Kuwaiti and regional economies. It aligns with TBY’s mission to provide well-rounded insight into the country’s investment climate through objective analysis. We are proud to partner with KAMCO and to present the fruits of our collaboration in our upcoming second edition on the Kuwaiti economy.”

TBY will conduct interviews with more than 150 business and political leaders to discuss major developments in the key segments of the Kuwaiti economy, including infrastructure and construction, retail and real estate, finance, energy, ICT, agriculture, transport, health and education, industry, and tourism. While the publication is primarily comprised of interviews, The Business Year: Kuwait 2017 will additionally feature focus articles, highlighting specific developments, major projects, and challenges in each sector.